In this section there are some essays, stories, poems, and meditations written by Dr. Kneier. These writings present some of Dr. Kneier's insights and experiences about a variety of issues he deals with, and about his and others' personal psychological experiences.

The writings fall into five categories

1) Children and Divorce

2) Parental Alienation--Denial-of-Attachment--Refusal of Access

3) Psychological and Therapeutic Processes

4) Science and Consciousness

5) Spirituality--Stories and Poems

Below is an annotated table of contents with a link to each writing. While you are free to print these writings for your own personal use, they are the property of Dr. Kneier and cannot be further published without his permission.

Children and Divorce

1. Divorce and Family:  Describes how a sense of family can and must survive the end of the marriage.  Marriages can and do end, but families are forever, indelibly inscribed in the hearts and souls of parents and children alike.  Families are forever and do not end.

Divorce and Family

2.  Hello and Goodbye:  Describes briefly why divorce is so difficult and stressful, and why marriage counseling and mediation are very different processes.

Hello and Goodbye

3.  Children’s Difficulty with Divorce:  Gives a feeling for what children experience in a conflicted divorce. Sets the stage for the next four sections about transfer reactions, switching, and denial-of-attachment (parental alienation).

Children's Difficulty with Divorce

4.  Children’s 3 Basic Reactions to Conflicted Divorce:  Describes children’s transfer reactions, switching reactions, and denial-of-attachment (parental alienation) reactions.  Shows how these reactions amplify parental conflict.  Describes how parents can help the children and reduce parental conflict.

Childrens 3 Basic Reactions to Conflicted Divorce.pdf