All services are by appointment only. In some instances, telephone sessions can be arranged.  Also, for clients who are enrolled in Dr. Kneier's practice and who may need telephone sessions from time to time, these can be arranged.

Fees:  Dr. Kneier's fees vary depending on the service provided:

1. Individual, marital or family therapy and consultations: $200 per session.

2. Joint mediation or counseling for separated/divorced parents: $300 per session.

Fees can be paid by Visa, Master Card, cheque or cash.


While psychologists' fees are not covered by the Alberta Health Plan, most supplementary health benefit plans have some provision for psychological services. Many employers also have assistance programs which provide some coverage. Sometimes the plan pays Dr. Kneier directly, but most often the client pays first and is then reimbursed by the plan. Of course, Dr. Kneier will facilitate benefit claims by filling out the forms and providing any required documentation.